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Your Multilingual Personal Assistant Specializing in Expatriation

Let’s focus fully on your career,

enjoy your retirement in France,  dedicate your time with your family !


You are an expatriate...

living in France (or overseas) ?


You Speak very little French...

and have difficulties to contact and get the information you need with French administrations ?  

  • Save your time , your money and above all,  your peace of mind!

You have a heavy schedule...

or have an administrative phobia  ?

  • I am at your disposal to help you on all your administrative tasks that you don’t have time to do or simply don’t want to manage!

I am in charge of your daily administrative duties.

French administrative procedures

  • Communication assistance (phone calls, e-mailing on your behalf) with French administrations (French social security , health care insurance, hospital, medical centers, French agencies… ).
  • I help you to understand French application forms you have to fill out.
  • Online submission and follow-up of your reimbursement claims with your health care insurance.
  • Writing correspondence, reports , complaint.
  • Translation of your documents from French to English, Spanish , German and Arabic

Management of your Agenda

  • Appointments booking.
  • Organization of your personal and business travels.

« Hello! I’m Nassima your personal assistant and I do speak English! »

N. Abdelwahed

Holà !Yo Soy Nassima Su assistente personal y hablo español!

سلام! أنا نسيمة مساعدتك الشخصية وأتحدث العربية!

« Hallo! Ich bin Nassima ihre persönliche Assistentin, und ich spreche auch Deutsch! »

Let’s know more about me!


Hello! My name is Nassima i’m  living in Blois in the Loire-valley

  • I ‘am a multilingual and graduated personal assistant.
  • I am passionate in languages cultures from allover the world, travels and human relation ship!
  • I have been working for 20 years in the international field with demanding customers from all over the world.
  • In 2023, I decided to create N’Assist Expat, a company dedicated to the administrative personal assistance  for non French speakers expatriates living in France and also French expatriates living abroad.
  • The expatriation has a lot of advantages: new culture new adventure ,  new friends and good opportunities for your career…  however I’m aware that you can encounter administrative difficulties in your daily life :   language barrier, lack of knowledge with the French administrations and lack of time to manage your administrative worries.
  • I put at your disposal my linguistic knowledge , my experience in the expatriation world and my knowledge of the French administrative system to relieve you of all your administrative hassles !

I work mainly online but i can meet you  in Blois , Orléans, Tours and Paris .
feel free to contact me for more informations! we can organize a conference call !


Management of
administrative tasks

45 €

*rate per hour


60 €

*rate per hour

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